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Over many years of teaching and leading in schools, I have developed an intuitive and empathic understanding of people, enabling me to connect to them and to help them find meaning, reconnect with themselves, and to rediscover their True Selves. 

Steve Centra

As a father and grandfather of 3, educational leader, sports coach and passionate teacher, I have acquired a range of skills and experiences to help people become the best they can be, and to overcome limiting self-belief. At the very core of my approach is the development of an empathetic relationship which will enable me to walk alongside you on your journey to self-discovery.

As a teacher, my energy was always directed towards offering pathways for young people to experience success through better engagement. Various alternative programs were effective in tapping into the often hidden potential of young people to excel in areas in which they were passionate. This success inevitably led onto greater self-confidence and overall improved mental and physical health and wellbeing.

In addition to the lived experience, post-graduate studies in the areas of Leadership and Counselling have provided me with the necessary specialist knowledge to help you over -come whatever it is that might be holding you back. 

Our Services & Programs

Bringing balance and recognition of the interconnected dimensions of our being- Mind, Body and Soul, and harnessing their unique powers through a collection of therapies. 


Holistic Therapies

Life Coaching

Break old patterns and find a pathway that allows you to flourish. Reignite your passion and kick start your journey towards greater health, happiness and fulfilment.​


Parenting and being an adolescent are equally tough jobs. Healing from our past whilst creating a future is both our greatest privilege and most challenging endeavour.​

Drawing on a combination of various modalities: counselling, Reiki therapy, Thai Reflexology, meditation and breath work to help realign with your intentions.




“From the moment I stepped into Steve’s room to when I left I felt incredible comfortable, understood and totally accepted for my own, at the time- turbulent journey I was on. Through in-depth discussion I was able to find very empowering answers! Steve is talented int he ancient art of reiki, radiating intentional cosmic energy, complimented by his natural ability to make you feel at ease and relaxed, resulting in clarity, presence and a calm yet powerful focus for the journey forward. I highly recommend Steve, especially for those who are going through a metamorphosis of self, or simply wanting to create a deeper connection with their purpose and power in their lives. Thank you Steve! “


 Iresha Sullivan (Hotelier) 

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